Jacksonville is known as the largest city in geographic size in the United States.  This is because the entire area of Duval County has been incorporated into the "City of Jacksonville".  The various communities surrounding the downtown area each have their own "flavor" and are typically referred to as the Downtown, Northside, Westside, Riverside/Avondale, San Marco, San Jose, Mandarin, Southside, Arlington, and The Beaches. The local MLS is divided into these various areas, with sub-areas under each.

It can sometimes be confusing, because often the other surrounding counties, including Clay, St. Johns, and Nassau, are referred to as "Jacksonville", but each of these counties has its own government, courthouse, school board, property appraiser, tax collector, etc.  You can visit the web sites for each individual county government by clicking on the links below.

Duval County Government (City of Jacksonville--COJ)

St. Johns County Government

Clay County Government

Nassau County Government


If you are interested in information on an individual property's value, ownership, and/or characteristics, you can visit the property appraiser's web site of the county in which the property is located.  Click on the appropriate county below to visit its appraiser's web site:

Duval County Property Search

St. Johns County Property Search

Clay County Property Search

Nassau County Property Search