What Makes Lynn Different from the other Real Estate Agents?

As your local Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I have specialized training and experience working with older adults who are facing a major Lifestyle Transition. Whether due to retirement, divorce, death of a family member, health or financial considerations, or even just a desire to simplify your life by downsizing to a smaller home, there are many decisions to be made when considering a move. Having worked with many people in similar situations, I understand the complex emotions you are experiencing, and the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin, and I am here to help!

We will start by determining an accurate market value for your home so that we can better understand how it fits into your over-all financial picture. (See "Determining Your Home's Value" under the Services/Seller Commitments Tab). I will help you understand your options and arrive at an approach that will best fit your needs financially, socially, physically, and from a health and safety point of view.  I may even be able to suggest alternatives that will help you to stay in your home if it makes sense to do so. My interior design degree and experience equips me to help you analyze what changes would need to be made to your current home to allow you to continue to reside there, or to help you prepare it for market if we determine the home is not suitable.  I can also help you plan whatever changes we decide to undertake and manage the project, coordinating with the various vendors and contractors for you if needed.

If you decide that moving is the best approach, whether it be to the home of a family member, to a smaller, more appropriate and easier to maintain home, or to some form of Senior Housing, I will help you and your family develop a plan before we even put your home on the market.  I can connect you with someone who has the knowledge to help you explore the available Senior Living Facilities in the area, or near other family members if you and your family decide that is your best option.  If you are not quite ready for Senior Housing, I can also offer you the same level of service looking for another home, analyzing what improvements would be required, and helping you plan and manage those projects before you move in if possible.

I will take whatever time is needed to help you understand the selling process, always working at a pace that is comfortable for you, and I will tailor your marketing plan to fit your needs and circumstances. With the help of my team of helpful experts, we will prepare your home for market by de-cluttering, completing necessary repairs if financially feasible, cleaning, and staging your home to put it in the best possible condition you can afford prior to listing.

My Caring Team of Experts includes Tax Counselors, Financial Advisors, Reverse Mortgage Experts, and Estate Planners who can help you understand the financial considerations, and Estate Sale Organizers, Senior Move Specialists and Transitional Coaches to help with your move after your home sells. I have learned the hard way that it is never too early to start preparing for a move, so I would encourage you call me for an appointment to begin the planning process at least 90 days before you need to make a change. It will reduce the pressures of last minute decisions made under the pressure of an impending closing/move out date.

Another important distinction is that I work as a Single Agent, offering you complete loyalty, confidentiality, and obedience.  I will have a fiduciary relationship with you and will be looking out for your best interests, instead of acting as a transaction broker, owing equal levels of communication to both the buyer and the seller as most of the brokerages and their agents in Jacksonville are required to do.

Lastly, I am personally dedicated to creating stress-free transitions with Patience and Professionalism because